Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dynamics 365 for Operations: Customize Existing Report

Noted:  This content is based on Dynamics 365 for Operations Platform Update 5 

Yesterday, I tried my first customization for existing Report.  I can't find any training resource on Microsoft Learning Portal.  So, this is the way I tried by myself. 


Customize an existing report on Dynamics 365.   For example, Dimension Statement in General Ledger module.   

Create Model:

Once you know which report will be customized and search for all related object.  Notice that those objects are under "Application Suite".    

When create a model about report, we must select the option "Select existing package" as a part of "ApplicationSuite" 

Add report the project:

Once create a new project after creating model.   Go to the report in AOT > right click Customize.   When finish to modify the report layout, right click at the report > Deploy Reports.       


Modify Class:

If you have to modify the DataProvider class, right click > Customize.

Build & Deploy:

Once finish customization, we can build the project and deploy the report together.  Select the project > right click > Deploy Reports


  1. Great tip! I've been working on dynamics 365 for some time but I didn't know this method. It's very useful and make my work easier. Thank you ;)