Tuesday, November 12, 2013

AX Retail 2012 R2: Create New POS Transactions

When I got requirement to create another kind of transactions in Retail POS, e.g. planned order, and those data have to be pulled to Retail HQ for following processes. 

RetailTransactionTable is a good example to start.  These are some steps how I create a transaction table to support pulled data from Retail POS.  

Create transaction table in Retail HQ

The new table consists of Primary index with fields: Store, Terminal, Channel and TransactionId 

There are 3 fields needed for replication: Origin, Replicated, ReplicationCounterFromOrigin. 

In the transaction table, copy 2 methods from RetailTransactionTable: maxReplicationCounterFromOrigin and setMaxReplicationCounter.  Change variables matching the new and temporary tables. 

Create transaction table in Retail POS Store DB

I simply generate create table SQL script from AX database.  If transaction table has RecId field/index, delete it.  Rename ReplicationCounterFromOrigin to ReplicationCounter with IDENTITY increment.  Run the script in Store DB.       

Configure Retail Channel Schema

In Retail Channel Schema, read schema from Store DB to get new table and fields.      

Open Scheduler subjobs, search for RetailTransactionTable.  
  • "Copy scheduler subjob" to create a new subjob.  Change tables to new transaction.  Temporary table is TableNameX.  
  • "Transfer field list" to map transferred fields (Functions > Match fields).  Delete these fields (if there is); Origin, CreatedBy, CreatedDateTime, ModifiedBy, ModifiedDateTime, Partition, RecVersion.  Add new field to match ReplicationCounter and ReplicationCounterFromOrigin
  • "Create staging table" to generate the temporary table (TempDB type). 

In Scheduler Job, add the new subjob to P-Job.   

Run P-Job

Finally, in Distribution Schedule, run the P-Job.  The new table with Replication counter will show up.  

This, I only explain about transaction tables.  Next times, I will show about creating a simple transaction form in Retail POS.    



  1. i do the same steps but couldn't get data in Retail HQ table.

  2. Can you please explain, how can i transfer data from customize POS table to retail HQ table?

    please guide.

  3. Really nice blogs .... keep writting .. :)

  4. I cant c the column while mapping field list in Ax, Ax column is visible but not the channel table column.

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